Thursday, December 27, 2007


O Lord our God,
through our turning to you
you grant us forgiveness;
you have given us a pattern
the repentance of David
in order to receive forgiveness,
so that we might acknowledge and confess
our own sinful state;
Lord have mercy on us
according to your great compassion
and in your unfailing love
blot out our sins
and the errors into which we have fallen,
for they are too many to count.
We have sinned against you, O Lord,
against you who know
all the secrets of men's hearts,
and who alone have the power to forgive sins.
When you have created in us a pure heart
and have renewed a steadfast spirit within us,
grant us the joy of your salvation;
do not turn away from us
but in your goodness and gracious favour
and in your love for all mankind
grant that until our dying breath
we may offer you a righteous sacrifice and oblation
at your altars.

Through the grace, compassion
and unceasing love
of your only-begotten Son,
who with you
and your most holy and life-giving Spirit
is to be blessed and glorified
now and for ever,
to the ages of ages. Amen.