Monday, February 18, 2008

St Andrew of Crete (+740)

I persist in caring only for my outer garment, while neglecting the temple within -- one made in the image and likeness of God.

Through love of pleasure has my form become deformed and the beauty of my inward being been ruined.

A woman will search her house for one lost coin until she finds it. But in me has been lost the beauty of my original image, buried in the passions. Come now, O Savior, search to recover it.

Like the sinful woman I will cry to Thee, O Savior, "I have sinned." I alone have sinned against Thee! Accept my tears as once [Thou didst] hers when she came to anoint [Thy] feet.

Like the Publican I will cry to Thee : "Have pity on me, O Savior." Have pity on me, for among the children of Adam none has sinned more than I!

I have no tears, no change of heart, no remorse -- O my God and Savior, grant these to me!

O Lover of mankind, whose wish it is that all be saved, in Thy goodness receive me as I return to Thee.

Give ears to the groaning of my soul, and accept the tears that fall from mine eyes, O Savior, and save me.